For Art Consultants, Representative, Dealer, Project Manager and Commercial Projects
  1. The painting and imagery depicted in the artist's work are copyright and owned by the artist.

  2. No re-use or publishing of images are allowed without the authorisation of approval by the artist.

  3. Commercial projects must pay 70% of the value of artworks in advance to the artist after the selection has been finalised. This is to ensure, that the paintings are preserved and handled with care.

  4. The selected paintings will go through proper inspection and a description of the quality assessment of artwork which   will be written and signed through a visual report, both by the artist, representer and collector before leaving the studio premises.

  5. The paintings after leaving the studio will be the responsibility of the collector or representative and not the artist. The collector, representer or art consultant are responsible for the safe handling of the item.

  6. If by any chance the painting is damaged or altered in anyway, 70% of the painting value will be substituted as collateral payment fee and the remaining amount must be paid to the artist within 7 days.

  7. The exhibition platform must define a period of timeline for the representation of artworks. No extra time shall be allowed.

  8. The exhibition platform must ensure in writing about the preservation, care and precautions for the transport, exhibiting ambience care and handling of the paintings.

  9. In case of theft, terrorism attack, religious attack, abuse, fire, humidity, spills, tampering, earthquake damage, or any mishandling, the exhibition platform, art consultant, or art collector must compensate the artist in full value of the artwork within 7 days.

  10. In reference to commissioned based and other works, full amount must be paid at the beginning of the project. After the work is completed, acknowledged and finalised by the collector, the work must be collected from the studio otherwise it will be subjected to collection charges per day i.e 1000/-PKR. 

  11. In reference to commissioned based projects, once a conceptual sketch has been approved the advance payments of 50% is not refundable.

Packaging Artwork details (local)

1. Foam paper covering the painting back n front.

2. Bubble paper wrap front and back.

3. Polystyrene overlay, front,back - tied

4. Cardboard paper covering as final layer.

• In case of artwork returning back to the artist, the painting should be carefully packaged the same way it was delivered to the venue, or to collector; to representer or art consultant. Thus ensuring safe transport.